Angel Caller Pendant

Angel Caller Pendant

Angel Caller Pendant

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 According to the legend of the Angel Callers elves believed that when they had to flee the forest where they lived they needed protection. 

In order to protect themselves they needed a symbol for the angels, so they wore around their necks a little ball with a precious sound and whenever they felt in danger all they had to do was shake the ball and the angels would come and protect them.

These are also know as chiming spheres and harmony balls.  In Spain they are known as “llamadores de angeles” which is translated as “Angel Caller”.

All angel callers are hollow and have a brass ball inside.  The sound is sweet with the brass ball, but it will not work well if the ball would be made of Sterling Silver.  Beautifully fashioned in Sterling Silver and Brass, crafted with tools and methods used centuries ago, create these striking, sound producing spheres.

Approximately 2 cm.



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